Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Portfolio And A Tumblr Page

After ten years as an illustrator I’ve finally sorted my portfolio out. I've always had bits of old stuff on there which just looked out of date, or my style had moved on. But lately the look of my work seems to have settled down a bit, I'm not even sure why. I'm really happy with it all though - so much so I'm even considering going all Year Zero about it and deleting a large part of this blog... though that would be rather a shame as it's kind of a very public diary of my mid-twenties onwards, and all the illustration dead-ends therein. Anyway, if you want to have a look at the new stuff it's all at

Oh, and I've got a Tumblr account, too. I might even move this whole blog over there soon as most of my writing efforts go into the comics these days, and Tumblr is much better for images and spreading them around the internets. Earth-shattering news, I know...

(The image above was an early draft of the Guardian Weekend Christmas cover illo, which was rejected but I liked it, so I painted it up in posh.)

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Anonymous said...

Is there an RSS feed for the comics?