Friday, October 07, 2011

The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil

Hello Dave:
Dave has been filling my days for the past few months. He is the main character, indeed pretty much the only character, in my first graphic novel which will be completed by the middle of next year, to be published by Jonathan Cape.

I've been drawing him so many times I've had to make a sculpy maquette to keep his head consistent. It's like being a one-person flipping animation studio.

I say it's a 'graphic novel' but that makes it sound rather more grand than intended. It is basically a picture book with some words in it. I think they call them comics. I'm doing it all with pencil, and a lot of rubbing out.

The book is called 'The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil'. It's about this gigantic beard that causes a right rumpus. More broadly, it's about hair and death and chaos and stories and fear and Stuff Just Happening. And the Bangles.

Here are some pictures from it, without the words:

(Oh and also I'm starting a new cartoon in the Guardian Weekend magazine tomorrow which I'm very excited about. I believe they're running a piece about my cartoons by way of introduction. So look out for it if you get the Guardian, though I'm not sure if they'll put it on the website yet. Go on! Buy it!)

[Click image to enlarge]


Cadwell said...

It looks beautiful, sir!

Dave Shelton said...

Well, that's all very good news indeed. Look forward to both the strip and the book. Marvellous.

Stephen Collins said...

Thank you guys! It's a long way off yet but thought I should start blogging it now the contract's all signed... :)

JonnyB said...

Was determined to hold off commenting until I saw the Guardian strip.

Crocodile. You idiot.

This is all brilliant news - seriously brilliant. And seriously well-deserved.

Edge On said...

Wow. You have now become the no.1 reason we buy the Saturday Guardian.

Can you PLEASE publish an album of your Prospect/Cartoon cartoons as well? I feel that your posterity would be maintained if yours were put on a durable medium, thus ensuring our ability to transfer your genius to the next generation and when we get old whinge about how cartoonists just aren't original these days.

Emma Ridgway said...

This looks amazing, I really love the style of it! Good to see your work in the Guardian now too :)