Monday, June 13, 2011

A Very Topical Cartoon

[Click image to enlarge]

Have you heard the news about Osama Bin Laden getting got? I'm so on it with my month-old topical satire. This one's a bit old now cos I shouldn't really post them until Prospect magazine's off the shelves, hence the delay.


meku meku said...

Hey. I think I know about the news of him getting caught. After all, He got caught in my country. That video of him watching TV in a blanket was shown over and over again on all local news channels.

Hilarious comic by the way. Destroy all cats. lol
You see I have alot of good comic ideas but its difficult for me to operationalize them. What software do you use to design these comics?

Stephen Collins said...

Hey Meku, thanks for visiting. Usually I just draw the comics in Photoshop using a Wacom Pen tablet - it makes it much easier than sketching them out properly, as the client might reject the rough and that takes a long time to draw!

But I still try to make it look non-computery, so I do write the letters by hand into the computer

meku meku said...

hmmm a Wacom Pen tablet? That looks like a big investment. I'm still saving money to buy an xbox 360. I suppose It's suited for people like you who do this as a profession. I think a rookie like me is going to stick to MS powerpoint for the time being. Thanks though. :)

Anne said...

i vote for Cyber Apocalypse

@meku- i'm just an artist for fun, but i also have a Wacom Pen tablet. it was a little bit of an investment, but soo worth it

now if only i could afford the photoshop...

Stephen Collins said...

Try a Bamboo one - they're cheaper than the big ones and basically do exactly the same thing. A worthwhile investment!